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Announcing our first retail location!

Began by HandWe are proud to announce Rustic Luxury’s availability in our first retail shop – Began By Hand!

This shop in Merrimac, Massachusetts will be opening in June, 2014. Began By Hand features a gift shop, craft classes, and craft parties.

Began by Hand provide artisans/crafters a way to reach the public with their talents, as they sell all handmade quality items in their shop from all over New England. They also provide Craft Classes for all age groups, whether an avid crafter or a newbie. It’s a great way to socialize, be creative, and feel accomplished all at the same time. Their Birthday Parties are themed. Each child that wants to have a party picks the theme they like and they create a magical and memorable day.

Located at:

123 East Main Street (Route 110, a quick trip off of 495 at the Broad St exit)

Merrimac, MA 01860

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