Rustic Luxury NH came about when two friends began a search for safe ingredients and natural recipes that would serve to eliminate chemicals from the personal products they used every day. This has evolved into a home business based in New Hampshire and run by women who care about the quality of their handcrafted, “green” personal care items. Rustic Luxury brings you the luxuriousness of the spa with simple, trusted ingredients

  • We want our products to feel and work well, but also be good for you!
  • We make all of our products in small batches with the best possible ingredients. We do not use any harsh chemicals (except for lye).
  • We do not use any petroleum products in anything we make.
  • We make all of our products as natural as possible while still being safe.
  • We only use micas and oxides lightly for color all of which are cosmetic and food safe.

Meet Us

We are two friends who became concerned about the chemicals in the beauty and baby products they used every day.



Wife and mother of 4 who started making soaps and lotions in 2000 to make unique presents for Christmas. Once the fascination was fed, there was no going back. Now in the second decade, the challenges and possibilities are even more intriguing.



I started working with Roxy when I wanted to learn how to make soaps. We started making products for children when I had my twins. I was discouraged by all the chemicals in the baby products available in stores. I knew we could do better!

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