Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

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Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil, has many uses!

HAIR: Argan oil is a great product to calm frizzy ends, add moisture to dry hair, as well as add a little shine. Apply to your hair while it is still damp for an all over treatment, or apply just to your dry ends after your hair is dry.

SCALP: If you're dealing with dry scalp, apply some argan oil to a cotton ball and dab your scalp with the oil. If you do this before bed, you'll give the oil plenty of time to moisturize your scalp before you wash your hair in the morning.

FACE: It might seem scary to apply a pure oil to your face, especially if you have finicky skin, but it will help condition your skin. It leaves skin smooth, clear, and radiant.

BODY: You can use argan oil for a full body moisturizer just as you would a body lotion or cream. Apply the oil right after you get out of your shower for best moisturizing results.

HANDS: Argan oil is a great oil to use on your hands, especially on your cuticles and on your nails if they are prone to cracking and peeling.

This is a 1.95 oz bottle of pure argan oil that comes with a dispensing treatment pump.

Ingredients: Argan Oil

Please see our Policies for more information on our additives and ingredients used, as well as details on custom orders!

We make all of our products in small batches with the best possible ingredients. We use no petroleum products, and no harsh chemicals (except for lye).

We want our products to feel and work well, but also be good for you!

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